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stephane Lauzon – To speak about death with a child | Illustration and Art News for Illustrators and Artistsrépondre
8 octobre 2011 à 13 h 34 min

[…] External Link: stephane Lauzon – To speak about death with a child […]

Jazz and Drawrépondre
12 octobre 2011 à 10 h 08 min

superbe ton illu Stéphane!
simple, élégante et tellement parlante. Une de mes préférées 😉

Stéphane Lauzonrépondre
14 octobre 2011 à 12 h 35 min
– En réponse à: Jazz and Draw

Merci beaucoup Philippe 🙂

Creative Freedom: October 2011 | zero 2 illorépondre
26 octobre 2011 à 2 h 11 min

[…] “I do a lot of portrait, and most of the time I draw adults. Drawing child is always a challenge for me because I have to change all my proportions before I begin an illustration. I’m sharing an editorial illustration that I just finished. The subject is: To speak about death with a child. The translation of the text goes like this: But where are you? Ask the child. And the answer is: Just here… from his heart.” Here’s the piece. […]

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